Why is polosport so popular with the market?

POLOSPORT products first resemble lovellen, so we first looked for lovellon brand in China’s POLO shirt production cooperative enterprises. We tried to make some orders, the first seventy thousand or eighty thousand POLO shirts, and three months later, we made three times of orders. Now this enterprise from the fabric to the development of products, production of our products is better than lovellun, why?

The lovellun terminal sells 1200 or 800, and their cost is 60-80 yuan, and the international brand is more than 10-12 times. My 60-80 yuan T – shirt, as long as I have the same quality as lovellun, or the quality is better than them, the terminal sells about two hundred, and there must be a business.

In addition to cooperating with the lovellun factory, we are also working with the Italy first line cardigan factory. Why are we one day sales of hundreds of thousands of customers to our shop, buy a T-shirt, buy ten, buy a sweater four or five pants, three five, still buy the coat. This is because our product is with the world class brand processing plant cooperation, the product nature has the guarantee. Our products are the same as them, but the unit price is only 30% for them.