Polo shirt makes body revolution

The Chinese translation of “POLO” is a word for polo, is a kind of sports riding with a long handle ball mallet slap bowls on horseback. In the early Tang Dynasty, from Persia (now Iran) to Chinese, known as the “polo ball”, and later by Datang north to Mongolia, so far. Polo ever is a noble sport, but until the end of 1960s, polo men began to knit short sleeved sportswear wearing similar net shirt, the Polo clothes are often referred to as “POLO”. This clothing is completely Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) credit, it is his only setting the standard of the sport clothing, and then to affect the entire American casual fashion, so, Ralph Lauren is also known as “selling modern lifestyle success”.

POLO shirts are classic, like Levi’s jeans, and jeans are a revolution for the lower body, while POLO shirts have completed the upper half of the garment revolution. Today, jeans and POLO shirts are worn by men, women and young people all over the world, making the American style a commercial value.

Ralph Lauren, who created the POLO shirt, got a chance to improve his tie by accident. So he launched a series of 4-5 inch wide ties. This wider tie quickly spread and shocked the fashion world. In 1968, he set up a “POLO BY RALPH LAUREN” company named his own name, that is, “POLO” we saw today. Many people may not notice that the name of the founder Ralph Lauren is printed under the big “POLO”. At that time, the famous American adventurer James Gordon Bennett (James Gordon Bennet) set up the Polo Association, making Polo a popular sport in the United States. Ralph Lauren, who favored the elegant and relaxed lifestyle of the British aristocracy, designed the POLO shirt with the help of popular polo in America. This kind of dress is not only an elegant sportswear, but also contains a relaxed and happy attitude towards life. So it was soon accepted by the American campus and gradually favored by the upper class society, thus becoming the universal clothing for men worldwide. The age of POLO was born.