Would you still like to wear polo shirt this summer?

The Polo shirt is to lead a T-shirt, also called a golf shirt or tennis shirt. It was first designed for tennis players. When the players work outdoors and the sailors work on the sea, they can turn their collar up to shield the sun from the sun. Eric Caantona, the Manchester United star, loves to bring up his shirt.

A few years ago the hit TV drama “struggle”, the actor Lu Tao “collar” shape, let “collar” more fire, many people follow this dress. Love “Polo shirt collar” the netizen said, put the collar up, people are full of the feeling of struggle.

But now, belongs to the “collar” era has passed. Recently, a survey of 4000 users, only 7.9% of the netizens think “collar” wear very handsome; 51.7% of users said that the wear law “to go home soil”.

“You rich handsome or Dohi round, see the ‘collar’, will lose one hundred points.” The Polo shirt collar when men, many netizens said it is difficult to accept. In addition, in 20 the most intolerable in the friends lists, Polo shirt collar is one of them.