The secret of Polo shirt

Polo shirts look at the same style, in fact, it will have three or four versions even in the same brand. The reporter has a history of love purchase and famous men’s clothing brand counters in the French brand Lacoste, TOMMY- HILFZGER, Kent&Curwen learned that there are two main types: loose sweater version Polo version and slim version, they mainly are the loose degree and type of design. Loose version is the most classic version of the model, the sleeves are designed, waist straight type, to comfort as well, not slim effect basically, slim slim version of the design, are reflected in the sleeves, waist. With the same number of numbers, two versions of it, you’ll find that the size difference is equivalent to a code or even 1.5 yards.

The reporter found love to buy on the market in Polo models, not all Polo shirt “after a long, short version of a lap” a small cut open and the side, including the first Polo – Lacoste. Counter sales staff, leisure models Polo shirts are generally around leveling feet, slit bottom is decorative effect is relatively large, the motion type of the Polo version of the original shirt will remain, such as outdoor sports brand Columbia (Columbia) Polo.

Chen Luo teacher clothing department of Guangzhou University School of textile and clothing that version of the type of clothes are according to fashion trends, consumer preferences, men’s clothing is relatively simple, more simple and more difficult to break the traditional, usually need long time 10~20 years to promote such a trend. The popularity of Polo shirts has both the credit of designers and the driving role of big brands. Now it is not very important to study Polo’s version of “authentic” sex. For consumers, the version is not absolute, and the most important thing is to wear yourself.