Lacoste shows you a classic that never goes out of date

France crocodile (Lacoste) legend of the birth of the brand since 1933, the year of French tennis champion Ren Lacoste uses lightweight breathable “Petit piqu” small embossed mesh fabric, comfortable short sleeved shirt is made, to replace the traditional long sleeved shirt starched, launched a men’s revolution, thus creating a now known as the French crocodile (Lacoste) classic Polo shirt. For 80 years, the French crocodile (Lacoste) has been constantly innovating, always pursuing a elegant and comfortable style, and gradually becoming a brand that embodies the elegant way of life in French.

The first LACOSTE Polo shirt is white, slightly shorter than the present style, short sleeves, and rib collar. The famous “small relief mesh” (Jersey Petit piqu) both light and breathable fabric. In 1933, Andr Gillier knitted fabric manufacturer cooperation with the famous Lacoste Ren, began mass production of lapel sweatshirts sewn with crocodile logo, which he named L.12.12 Polo. Because the Ren Lacoste is a perfectionist, French crocodile (Lacoste) before the birth of the official for many times until the twelfth parts of the proof, just let him really satisfied. He will remain in the digital number, LACOSTE L.12.12 Polo shirt was born: L LACOSTE, 1 on behalf of small embossed mesh fabric, 2 representative styles of short sleeved (representing 13.12 sleeves), 12 on behalf of the futuristic Polo shirt before experienced birth proofing times.

High quality fabric comes from the best cotton in the world, fine stitching and simple outline make LACOSTE Polo sweater popular among men and women. With two holes in the Pearl mother button, the heart position is embroidered with the crocodile logo, and the distinctive features make the Polo stand out. Today’s LACOSTE Polo shirts not only sell well in the world, but also become the pronoun of elegance and comfort, perfect interpretation of the brand concept of “LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL SPORT (life journey, moving and beautiful)”, which embodies the brand value: the joy of life, the elegance and the true self.