The only representative of ralph lauren polo in China

POLO SPORT not Ralph Lauren POLO shirt brand, we are a culture of Paul brand, last year we got the brand Chinese district agency, this year, the pace of development is very fast, at present, Shanghai has opened 19 stores, is expected to open 24 stores this year, plans to the end of December this year to reach 130 stores opened in the country.

POLO SPORT brand reference is the middle class culture with China elite culture, the way of combining the United States, more affordable than Ralph Lauren, but the product quality can be comparable with the Ralph Lauren, because we want to focus on manufacturing resources by using global clothing, the best Chinese products to create their own brands, and to the nation swing.

We are in the major shopping center this year get a great harvest in Wenzhou, the Mixc, Shanghai, Shanghai Zhengda Plaza Shopping Center in Hong Kong and other global basically achieved the same floor in the top three revenue results, get a lot of consumers, the future of our brand to get more shopping center.

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