Popular trends in POLO shirts

In the summer, POLO shirts have become the best collocation for more and more office people. In 2013 the Internet fast fashion brand VANCL launched the split of youth in Baise POLO shirt, has a major breakthrough in color, pattern, style. In hundreds of colors, do you know which color people everywhere love? Eslite today released POLO shirt sales data show that the pink POLO shirt most popular this year, and the navy blue lake. Users in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are most fond of pink, Wuhan users prefer lake blue, and Chengdu users prefer Tibetan green color. At the same time, the British POLO shirt in this year’s fashion stage is more popular, the sales are more than two times the American style.

The relationship between men’s dress color and in the workplace, in fact much knowledge, the following analysis, you will know the love pink as man is enough reason — a man’s shirt color analysis commissioned by the Cotton USA company was found, wearing a pink shirt to work than people usually wear other colors shirt colleagues earn 1000 pounds per year, degree is higher; purple shirt men’s “office” love the most, not only good luck, the boss was appreciated and promoted, the chance of promotion is the biggest; the white shirt is the most punctual man, a shirt with a green man most often late for work. In contrast, POLO shirt color favored, with shirts are also quite similar.

Every year in the spring and summer, the naval wind and the college wind are all the necessary popular items. In the style of the POLO shirt, the guests of this year also introduced the style of the British style of the British wind and the rough and natural American style POLO shirt. Like the difference between American and British dramas, the differences in the different cultural backgrounds are also fully reflected on the POLO shirt. From the overall sales data of the customer, there are more consumers in favor of the British style in 2013, more than two times as much as American style sales. From the amount of purchase, Beijing, both American style and British wind, is top and inclusive. Compared with other cities, the Shanghai users of the petty bourgeois fan actually love the American style POLO shirts better. The users in Guangzhou are more interested in the English style than in the British style.

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