How much do you know about polo shirt?

Polo has a lot of Chinese, including the literal translation of the “polo”, also called “tennis shirt”, “golf shirt” etc.. The Polo shirt originated from the aristocratic movement, but it does not relate to the polo like its literal meaning. The true origin of Polo shirt is tennis, was originally developed by Ren Lacoste has won 7 Grand Slam singles titles and 3 doubles titles, to launch its own brand Lacoste, for the convenience of tennis on the body constantly reversing, clothes designed to don’t plunge into your pants for the premise, made after long ago, there is a small cut short, hem opening and side.

The design of the lower pendulum enables the author to avoid the usual wrinkle of the general T-shirt as it is too long when the author sits down. Later, it was popular with Polo RalphLauren’s style and popularized to the sports world such as polo, golf and even the field of leisure wear. Therefore, it is named Polo shirt. Today, Polo shirts are the standard clothes of a polo suit. In the British polo sport, no polo shirt is not allowed to play.

Polo shirt design simple, like a T-shirt without collar so casually, and unlike the shirt as a serious, safe movement, although the POLO shirt style from birth and not too big change, but the fresh and bright color, sweat absorbent breathable texture, casual style collocation, make it in the fashion scene enduring. Nowadays, there are several common ways for men to wear them.

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