The only representative of ralph lauren polo in China

POLO SPORT not Ralph Lauren POLO shirt brand, we are a culture of Paul brand, last year we got the brand Chinese district agency, this year, the pace of development is very fast, at present, Shanghai has opened 19 stores, is expected to open 24 stores this year, plans to the end of December this year to reach 130 stores opened in the country.

POLO SPORT brand reference is the middle class culture with China elite culture, the way of combining the United States, more affordable than Ralph Lauren, but the product quality can be comparable with the Ralph Lauren, because we want to focus on manufacturing resources by using global clothing, the best Chinese products to create their own brands, and to the nation swing.

We are in the major shopping center this year get a great harvest in Wenzhou, the Mixc, Shanghai, Shanghai Zhengda Plaza Shopping Center in Hong Kong and other global basically achieved the same floor in the top three revenue results, get a lot of consumers, the future of our brand to get more shopping center.

Why is polosport so popular with the market?

POLOSPORT products first resemble lovellen, so we first looked for lovellon brand in China’s POLO shirt production cooperative enterprises. We tried to make some orders, the first seventy thousand or eighty thousand POLO shirts, and three months later, we made three times of orders. Now this enterprise from the fabric to the development of products, production of our products is better than lovellun, why?

The lovellun terminal sells 1200 or 800, and their cost is 60-80 yuan, and the international brand is more than 10-12 times. My 60-80 yuan T – shirt, as long as I have the same quality as lovellun, or the quality is better than them, the terminal sells about two hundred, and there must be a business.

In addition to cooperating with the lovellun factory, we are also working with the Italy first line cardigan factory. Why are we one day sales of hundreds of thousands of customers to our shop, buy a T-shirt, buy ten, buy a sweater four or five pants, three five, still buy the coat. This is because our product is with the world class brand processing plant cooperation, the product nature has the guarantee. Our products are the same as them, but the unit price is only 30% for them.

How much do you know about polo shirt?

Polo has a lot of Chinese, including the literal translation of the “polo”, also called “tennis shirt”, “golf shirt” etc.. The Polo shirt originated from the aristocratic movement, but it does not relate to the polo like its literal meaning. The true origin of Polo shirt is tennis, was originally developed by Ren Lacoste has won 7 Grand Slam singles titles and 3 doubles titles, to launch its own brand Lacoste, for the convenience of tennis on the body constantly reversing, clothes designed to don’t plunge into your pants for the premise, made after long ago, there is a small cut short, hem opening and side.

The design of the lower pendulum enables the author to avoid the usual wrinkle of the general T-shirt as it is too long when the author sits down. Later, it was popular with Polo RalphLauren’s style and popularized to the sports world such as polo, golf and even the field of leisure wear. Therefore, it is named Polo shirt. Today, Polo shirts are the standard clothes of a polo suit. In the British polo sport, no polo shirt is not allowed to play.

Polo shirt design simple, like a T-shirt without collar so casually, and unlike the shirt as a serious, safe movement, although the POLO shirt style from birth and not too big change, but the fresh and bright color, sweat absorbent breathable texture, casual style collocation, make it in the fashion scene enduring. Nowadays, there are several common ways for men to wear them.

How to spot fake ralph lauren polo shirts

Many people may not know the origin of the POLO shirt. The wide spread of POLO shirt is probably due to Ralph Lauren. He improved the Polo costume with the fashionable design over time, making the POLO shirt a popular garment. POLO shirt is a brand created by Ralph Lauren, that is, POLO RALPH LAUREN. The POLO shirt we usually say is just this one, except for other brand names, otherwise the doubt is a copy.

Ralph Lauren POLO shirt has not only POLO shirts, men’s and women’s wear, POLO shirts, children’s money, but also BABY clothes. Oh, Ralph Lauren POLO shirt is very imitated, because its style is simple and easy to imitate. Many of the high imitations that appear on Taobao are even more expensive than genuine products. So how to tell the real POLO shirt? Here’s how to tell you how to identify the true and false POLO shirts!

POLO thin fabric with 220 g grid with 260 thick cotton, cotton fabric by diclazuril network, is very important. General and false are 160 grams or 180 grams of pearl cotton net, basically without the process of washing, so the hand feel of the fabric and genuine after washing is completely different, a very clear feeling of genuine is wet, soft with hard, very decorative. From the angle of 0 degrees on the surface of the fiber more coarse and less, do a little better imitation goods may also have to wash this process, but it has obvious color washing quality. Finally, I’d like to introduce a feature of the POLO, which is its collar. There is no obvious indentation in the collar of the POLO, and the collar can be easily erected. You can go to the cabinet to verify it.

Popular trends in POLO shirts

In the summer, POLO shirts have become the best collocation for more and more office people. In 2013 the Internet fast fashion brand VANCL launched the split of youth in Baise POLO shirt, has a major breakthrough in color, pattern, style. In hundreds of colors, do you know which color people everywhere love? Eslite today released POLO shirt sales data show that the pink POLO shirt most popular this year, and the navy blue lake. Users in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are most fond of pink, Wuhan users prefer lake blue, and Chengdu users prefer Tibetan green color. At the same time, the British POLO shirt in this year’s fashion stage is more popular, the sales are more than two times the American style.

The relationship between men’s dress color and in the workplace, in fact much knowledge, the following analysis, you will know the love pink as man is enough reason — a man’s shirt color analysis commissioned by the Cotton USA company was found, wearing a pink shirt to work than people usually wear other colors shirt colleagues earn 1000 pounds per year, degree is higher; purple shirt men’s “office” love the most, not only good luck, the boss was appreciated and promoted, the chance of promotion is the biggest; the white shirt is the most punctual man, a shirt with a green man most often late for work. In contrast, POLO shirt color favored, with shirts are also quite similar.

Every year in the spring and summer, the naval wind and the college wind are all the necessary popular items. In the style of the POLO shirt, the guests of this year also introduced the style of the British style of the British wind and the rough and natural American style POLO shirt. Like the difference between American and British dramas, the differences in the different cultural backgrounds are also fully reflected on the POLO shirt. From the overall sales data of the customer, there are more consumers in favor of the British style in 2013, more than two times as much as American style sales. From the amount of purchase, Beijing, both American style and British wind, is top and inclusive. Compared with other cities, the Shanghai users of the petty bourgeois fan actually love the American style POLO shirts better. The users in Guangzhou are more interested in the English style than in the British style.

Would you still like to wear polo shirt this summer?

The Polo shirt is to lead a T-shirt, also called a golf shirt or tennis shirt. It was first designed for tennis players. When the players work outdoors and the sailors work on the sea, they can turn their collar up to shield the sun from the sun. Eric Caantona, the Manchester United star, loves to bring up his shirt.

A few years ago the hit TV drama “struggle”, the actor Lu Tao “collar” shape, let “collar” more fire, many people follow this dress. Love “Polo shirt collar” the netizen said, put the collar up, people are full of the feeling of struggle.

But now, belongs to the “collar” era has passed. Recently, a survey of 4000 users, only 7.9% of the netizens think “collar” wear very handsome; 51.7% of users said that the wear law “to go home soil”.

“You rich handsome or Dohi round, see the ‘collar’, will lose one hundred points.” The Polo shirt collar when men, many netizens said it is difficult to accept. In addition, in 20 the most intolerable in the friends lists, Polo shirt collar is one of them.

Polo shirt makes body revolution

The Chinese translation of “POLO” is a word for polo, is a kind of sports riding with a long handle ball mallet slap bowls on horseback. In the early Tang Dynasty, from Persia (now Iran) to Chinese, known as the “polo ball”, and later by Datang north to Mongolia, so far. Polo ever is a noble sport, but until the end of 1960s, polo men began to knit short sleeved sportswear wearing similar net shirt, the Polo clothes are often referred to as “POLO”. This clothing is completely Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) credit, it is his only setting the standard of the sport clothing, and then to affect the entire American casual fashion, so, Ralph Lauren is also known as “selling modern lifestyle success”.

POLO shirts are classic, like Levi’s jeans, and jeans are a revolution for the lower body, while POLO shirts have completed the upper half of the garment revolution. Today, jeans and POLO shirts are worn by men, women and young people all over the world, making the American style a commercial value.

Ralph Lauren, who created the POLO shirt, got a chance to improve his tie by accident. So he launched a series of 4-5 inch wide ties. This wider tie quickly spread and shocked the fashion world. In 1968, he set up a “POLO BY RALPH LAUREN” company named his own name, that is, “POLO” we saw today. Many people may not notice that the name of the founder Ralph Lauren is printed under the big “POLO”. At that time, the famous American adventurer James Gordon Bennett (James Gordon Bennet) set up the Polo Association, making Polo a popular sport in the United States. Ralph Lauren, who favored the elegant and relaxed lifestyle of the British aristocracy, designed the POLO shirt with the help of popular polo in America. This kind of dress is not only an elegant sportswear, but also contains a relaxed and happy attitude towards life. So it was soon accepted by the American campus and gradually favored by the upper class society, thus becoming the universal clothing for men worldwide. The age of POLO was born.

The secret of Polo shirt

Polo shirts look at the same style, in fact, it will have three or four versions even in the same brand. The reporter has a history of love purchase and famous men’s clothing brand counters in the French brand Lacoste, TOMMY- HILFZGER, Kent&Curwen learned that there are two main types: loose sweater version Polo version and slim version, they mainly are the loose degree and type of design. Loose version is the most classic version of the model, the sleeves are designed, waist straight type, to comfort as well, not slim effect basically, slim slim version of the design, are reflected in the sleeves, waist. With the same number of numbers, two versions of it, you’ll find that the size difference is equivalent to a code or even 1.5 yards.

The reporter found love to buy on the market in Polo models, not all Polo shirt “after a long, short version of a lap” a small cut open and the side, including the first Polo – Lacoste. Counter sales staff, leisure models Polo shirts are generally around leveling feet, slit bottom is decorative effect is relatively large, the motion type of the Polo version of the original shirt will remain, such as outdoor sports brand Columbia (Columbia) Polo.

Chen Luo teacher clothing department of Guangzhou University School of textile and clothing that version of the type of clothes are according to fashion trends, consumer preferences, men’s clothing is relatively simple, more simple and more difficult to break the traditional, usually need long time 10~20 years to promote such a trend. The popularity of Polo shirts has both the credit of designers and the driving role of big brands. Now it is not very important to study Polo’s version of “authentic” sex. For consumers, the version is not absolute, and the most important thing is to wear yourself.

Lacoste shows you a classic that never goes out of date

France crocodile (Lacoste) legend of the birth of the brand since 1933, the year of French tennis champion Ren Lacoste uses lightweight breathable “Petit piqu” small embossed mesh fabric, comfortable short sleeved shirt is made, to replace the traditional long sleeved shirt starched, launched a men’s revolution, thus creating a now known as the French crocodile (Lacoste) classic Polo shirt. For 80 years, the French crocodile (Lacoste) has been constantly innovating, always pursuing a elegant and comfortable style, and gradually becoming a brand that embodies the elegant way of life in French.

The first LACOSTE Polo shirt is white, slightly shorter than the present style, short sleeves, and rib collar. The famous “small relief mesh” (Jersey Petit piqu) both light and breathable fabric. In 1933, Andr Gillier knitted fabric manufacturer cooperation with the famous Lacoste Ren, began mass production of lapel sweatshirts sewn with crocodile logo, which he named L.12.12 Polo. Because the Ren Lacoste is a perfectionist, French crocodile (Lacoste) before the birth of the official for many times until the twelfth parts of the proof, just let him really satisfied. He will remain in the digital number, LACOSTE L.12.12 Polo shirt was born: L LACOSTE, 1 on behalf of small embossed mesh fabric, 2 representative styles of short sleeved (representing 13.12 sleeves), 12 on behalf of the futuristic Polo shirt before experienced birth proofing times.

High quality fabric comes from the best cotton in the world, fine stitching and simple outline make LACOSTE Polo sweater popular among men and women. With two holes in the Pearl mother button, the heart position is embroidered with the crocodile logo, and the distinctive features make the Polo stand out. Today’s LACOSTE Polo shirts not only sell well in the world, but also become the pronoun of elegance and comfort, perfect interpretation of the brand concept of “LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL SPORT (life journey, moving and beautiful)”, which embodies the brand value: the joy of life, the elegance and the true self.