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Understanding Science: A guide for kids

Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Science is a process of discovering things that could be essential in knowing how things work. The knowledge generated by science is powerful. It is used to develop new technologies, it can treat many diseases and it can create solutions to many problems. Science can be use in everyday life.

Understanding science may not be easy, but as you go along you will enjoy the challenges that comes along the way. As a kid you might often ask questions like why the sky is blue? why the water is clear? Science can answer questions based on facts, it is straightforward and only focuses on what is true. By understanding science you may find the answer that satisfies your curiosity. Learning science can be fun, you may try to experiment on things and see how it works, it may be tough but its fulfilling.

Experimenting with magnetism and electricity may take a lot of process, both have been known to exist for thousand of years. Hans Oersted proved that electricity produces magnetism and magnets can produce electricity as found out by Michael Faraday.
Electricity produces magnetism when a physical property of a matter comes in contact with other matter of the same condition, with speed, which only lasts while electrical current is flowing. Light bulbs are able to produce light following this theory using conductors and insulators. Insulators help avoid getting to unintended places while conductors help in keeping electricity to a path or a circuit.

Lighthouses are also product of magnetism and electricity. Lighthouses are towers build to help sea navigators find safe entries and it can also help in aerial navigation. Its source of light is a lamp is either electric or oil-fueled.. Originally though, open fires or candles where used to light the tower. As technology advanced, the lighthouses' buildings also improved as iron or steel were used for its skeleton instead of the all-bricks building in the past. Fresnel lenses are used for better and brighter lighting. In modern times, lighthouses uses solar-charged batteries and has a single stationary flashing light to conserve electricity.

Magnetism and Electricity has worked for us hand in hand through the years to provide us comfort and convenience. They are the two essential factor of science. You will appreciate and understand science more after knowing the importance of magnetism and electricity. | Resources | Add Links | Privacy | Disclaimer